For adults, a museum is a place to ponder over various exhibitions and enjoy the subtle enrichment that works of art provide. Children, on the other hand, do not possess a lot of patience, and looking at stuff can only capture their attention for so long. There is more to making a day at the museum fun for your kids than simply upping and going. It is essential to know where your kids’ interests lie and working from there. So, how do you make a museum visit entertaining and engaging for kids? Below are three tips to help you plan a memorable visit:

Visit the right museum

It is highly unlikely that kids will be much interested in looking at Renaissance art or World War II relics, as these things do not resonate with their lives or the things they adore. Now a visit to Disneyland will elicit a much different reaction!

Visiting the right museum is essential if you want your kids to have fun while also learning new things. For instance, one of the best museums in LA that will intrigue and entertain your kids is the Museum of Illusions, where contemporary 3D artworks are showcased.

Add a touch of mystery

The news that there could be new museums in town with special consideration for the kinds of things kids like, should be enough to get your kids interested and ready for adventure. Plan ahead of the trip and be mysterious about the whole affair; there are very few things kids love more than mystery.

Invent games specifically for the occasion

Children love to play wherever they are, and the museum should not be an exception. Visit the museum for kids beforehand and pick a theme to invent a game around. A visit to the Museum of Illusion, for instance, should supply you with many ideas to help you come up with a game for your kids. You could play hide-and-seek or a simple trivia about what you see.

You could also make it a moment for being creative by bringing drawing books and having your kids draw what they see and like.