The Museum of Illusions has undergone a massive upgrade to enrich the experience of our visitors! All of the existing 3D artworks have been changed, and an entirely new exhibitions of 3D Illusions has been unveiled to the public!

The new Illusions are now providing an even more immersive, sharp and mesmerizing experience, which elevates the Museum of Illusions to an extraordinary new level.

Guests can look forward to exhibits such: going on an African Safari, getting up close and personal with the elephants. Taking stage in front of a massive crowd of adoring fans with some of the music industry’s greatest acts of all time. Walking on the edge of a skyscraper in a daring escape attempt. Stealing treasure from a blood thirsty leathery-winged dragon in the depths of a cavernous dungeon. And of course, walking the red carpet of a Hollywood film premiere with some of the famous actors and directors.

Top artists from around the world have been participating in the upgrade. Get your tickets right now to see everything with your eyes!

Massive Upgrade at the Museum!

6751 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028


Do I need to print the tickets out or can I just pull them up on my phone?

You do not need to print the tickets. You call pull them up on your phone.

What are the museum's working hours?

We are open everyday 11:00am – 10:00pm. However, last entry is at 9:30 pm.

If I purchase a VIP ticket, would I have to pay for the photos that have been taken?

No. VIP tickets include a photographer that will accompany you during your visit and send all photos to you within 4 days.

How long can we stay at the Museum?

There is no time limit. However, visitors usually spend 45-60 minutes at the museum.

Is this place good for children?

Yes. It is a great place for children and adults alike.

Is there usually a wait?

Wait times varies. You can expect 10-15 minutes wait during weekdays or non-peak hours. During weekends and holidays, there might be up to 60 minutes wait.

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