Los Angeles is always a go-to destination when looking for a great place to have fun. Numerous museums in LA offer some of the best experiences you can share with your family. Here are some of the top 4 museums we think you should visit if you haven’t already.

Museum of Illusions

Here’s a family-friendly destination that will be worth every minute. The 3D artwork and optical illusions will help you to get involved in every piece and artwork. The only one of its kind in L.A., this is surely a must-see. Visit the Museum of Illusions and board the Titanic and hide from the meteors.

Photography is fully embraced in this place and is part of every exhibition. The sole purpose of the museum is to leave the visitors with photo albums full of great and unusual photographs. You will always find something that will suit you here. The place was designed with every topic in mind – you will definitely find something that will have a special place in your heart. Everyone can visit the Museum of Illusions – there are no age restrictions here.

The African American Firefighter Museum

Housed in one of the firehouses that used to be segregated, the African American Firefighter Museum tells not only the story of segregation but also an interesting story about integration in the Los Angeles Fire Department. Travel back in time to see artifacts, vintage firefighting tools, memorabilia, and firefighting mannequins.

Additionally, you will learn about Sam Haskins and other African Americans who founded the SoCal Firefighting. The story illustrates the journey from fighting slavery to being the first black firefighter, and later meeting his death while responding to a fire.

Wells Fargo History Museum

The Wells Fargo History Museum takes you through a journey of the history of the corporation. Of course, opening up of fake accounts isn’t the focus of the tour. At the museum, you will be able to see Concord Stagecoach, the original Wells Fargo trademark. It also displays some historic L.A. maps that you won’t find anywhere else.

Museum of Neon Art

Prepare to have your eyes pop out with the amazing experience from this bright light in L.A. It’s located in Glendale and highlights neon signs from the Brown Derby and Grauman’s Chinese Theatre among others. Some of the exhibitions that have been featured include ‘Motel California’ plasma, and women in neon among others.

With a mix of history, modern lifestyles as well as plenty of entertainment hubs, museums in Los Angeles call for a special visit. They have the unique charm of attracting the young and old alike. Surely, L.A. museums are worth visiting!