Los Angeles has a lot to offer, but Hollywood holds the most history, it has great restaurants and a lot to see/do. It is one of the most highly visited areas in the city! Both tourists and locals visit Hollywood to feel a sense of stardom. There is a lot to see and do, below are our top 5 favorite things to see will in Hollywood.

1. The Hand and Foot Prints at The Chinese Theater

The Chinese Theater is known for its beautiful traditional Chinese architecture. It is home of the iconic hand and foot prints from many celebrities past and present. You will find the prints of Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, the Twilight Saga and Harry Potter trios, Quentin Tarantino, Ryan Gosling, Robert De Niro and so much more. Here, celebrity and stardom is immortalized in the history of Hollywood. Put your hands and feet in your favorite star’s prints, feel the magic of show business, and take awesome pictures. It is truly a one of kind experience.

2. Museum of Illusions

Right on Hollywood Blvd, you will find the iconic Museum of Illusions. Explore the safari on an elephant, walk the red carpet with stars, jump with cupcakes, or scale sky scrapers. With over 30+ 3D murals and 7 upside down rooms, The Museum of Illusions is an incredible place for the most Instagramable photos. Plus, it is fun for the whole family! Don’t miss it during your next visit to Hollywood Blvd.

3. The Hollywood Sign

Sure, you can see the Hollywood Sign from almost anywhere in LA. But do you want to get up close for incredible pictures? Go off the beaten path and experience the Hollywood Sign like no other. The Lake Hollywood Park is the closest you can get to the sign by road. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city, it is a place to take pictures with the sign, see a beautiful view of LA, and even share a picnic. This is arguably the best way to experience the Hollywood Sign.

4. Attend a Taping of a TV Show

This experience is not in Hollywood, but it sure gives you a taste of what “Hollywood” is all about. You can attend free tapings to almost any TV show that has a live audience. From Jimmy Kimmel, to Conan O’Brian, or sitcoms – each show presents a unique experience for audience. This is a great way to experience show business from behind the scenes and see some of your favorite stars.

5. The Observatory

In Hollywood Hills, you will find the iconic Observatory. It is visible from almost anywhere in the city, right by the Hollywood Sign. The Observatory has a 180 degree view of Los Angeles; on a clear day you can even see the ocean. These views are even more beautiful at night. More so, the Observatory gives free access to their wide collection of astronomy facts and history. Don’t pass up the opportunity to experience a combination of learning about space, experiencing cool technology, and seeing incredible views.