The Upside Down House will soon be open in Los Angeles. For the curious and awaiting visitors, the exhibit will finally be unveiled with a grand opening on June 7th, at 6751 Hollywood Blvd, LA. The all-new exhibit will be featuring 7 different interactive upside down rooms: bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, and more.

The Upside Down House, an exhibit at the Museum of Illusions offers an opportunity to experience the feeling of hanging from the ceiling and walking on walls. It is a much awaited and a popular attraction for both LA residents and tourists alike. The goal of the Exhibit is to transport guests to an alternate reality where everything is upside down, food eaten from tables while the guests are hanging from the roof or literally dancing on it. It is a fun and an exhilarating experience designed to include everyone and from all age groups.

A perfect spot for a weekend outing with kids or a fun day out with friends Upside Down House has something for everyone. It is set to be open from 10 AM to midnight daily with last entry at 11:30 PM. A piece of good news for all the travel bugs out there, the Museum team is pleased to announce the newest addition to their lineup of marvels and attractions. It is an exhibit unlike any other in the city and the tickets can easily be purchased on the Museum of Illusions, LA website. Visitors are encouraged to participate in the exhibit and can expect to be amazed by an interactive experience that defies gravity.