It’s hard to imagine, but many people don’t automatically consider museums when trying to think of fun things to do in L.A. Some people believe that museums are boring, cost too much or only stay open during the day. Sometimes they think that museums with playful interactive exhibits are only for families. At the Museum of Illusions, we try to shatter these myths.

If you’ve never considered visiting museums in Los Angeles, let alone a museum that features life-size 3D illusion paintings and upside-down house, it’s time to consider the possibilities:

You can have amazing adventures without traveling far

Our 3D paintings give you the opportunity to experience in a single day a wide array of adventures that most people never know in a lifetime. If you love movies and our great city, you can pretend to stand on a red carpet with celebrities, grab a microphone and sing at a rock concert, play with a dinosaur skeleton on the Hollywood Walk of Fame or walk along a dangerous building ledge high above L.A. streets. If you want an even more fantastic adventure, you can hide inside a giant child’s toy display, stand inside huge bubbles or confront a dragon with a sword while trying to steal its gold. We even have zombies! Check out our zombie-run bar, if you dare.

You can create lasting memories of special occasions

The Museum of Illusions is the perfect place for you and your loved ones to enjoy birthdays, holidays and other important celebrations. Do you want something to do before Easter this April besides hunt for colored eggs? Are you still looking for some way to show your mom that you love her for Mother’s Day? Beyond our full-color, realistic 3D illusion paintings, we also have a startling and exciting new exhibit: an entirely interactive upside-down house. Mom will certainly be in for a shock when she stands on the ceiling of our kitchen. The exhibit has seven rooms, including a living room, bedroom and bathroom. We also know how important it is to revisit great memories with photographs, which is why we encourage personal photography and selfies and offer professional photography services as well.

You don’t have to break the bank… unless it’s ours

If you want a museum that has affordable ticket prices for different ages and groups, look no further. The only piggy bank we ever want you to experience breaking is our shattered 3D painted one that features huge coins rolling out of it. We offer free access to children five years old and younger, discounts for students, seniors and groups and one free extra ticket for every five tickets that you buy. We also offer a special VIP for 2-price package that includes professional photography at no additional cost. You can even take the cost completely out of the hands of someone you love: give them this incredible experience with one of our e-gift cards.

You don’t have to rush home before the clock strikes midnight

We understand that 9 to 5 hours aren’t convenient for everyone. Adults work. Children go to school. Traffic seems to bring everything to a standstill during rush hour. For these reasons and many more, we welcome visitors every day between 10 a.m. and midnight. Although a tour of our museum usually only takes 45 minutes to an hour, we put no time limit on your visit during our business hours. Stay and play as long as you want. Human imagination has no limits. So, why should we put a limit on the time you spend when visiting us?

We are proud to offer Los Angeles residents and visitors fun and adventure at the Museum of Illusions. Our guests always quickly learn that our museum is one of the best museums in L.A. Let us prove to you that you’re in for the time of your life. Purchase tickets online or stop by today.