Dating in Los Angeles is a great adventure and a big mystery. There are so many adventures to experience, yet couples end up doing the same things over and over. There is nothing wrong with the classic dinner and a movie, but sometimes we need to change things up and go on an adventure with our significant other. With so many things to do in Los Angeles, it could be nearly impossible to decide on a place. So, the Museum of Illusions has created a list to help you out for your next date night!

1. Virtual Reality Circus

Are you a gaming couple or just looking for an adventure? Check out the virtual reality circus in Los Angeles. This unique experience is a great way to break the ice on a first date or just get the laughs going on a tenth date. Plus, you get to learn about your partner’s competitive side! There are multiple attractions you can be a part of, all involving gaming and virtual reality. This is a unique place to have a date and make memories!

2. Museum of Illusions & Upside Down House 

Create memories with your significant other at the Museum of Illusions in Los Angeles. You can discover fun 3D illusions and 7 interactive, upside down, rooms. You will capture the most Instagramable photos! Of all the museums in Los Angeles, the Museum of Illusions is perhaps the most unique and fun place to visit. Capture your date memories with us!

4. Wine and Paint 

Are you looking for a unique, but quiet activity with your partner? Wine and Paint is a great way to spend time together, create art, and just have a quiet night of drinking wine and bonding. Imagine the art you can create with a little wine in your system! This date night is a popular way to spend an evening in Los Angeles.

5. Escape Rooms

What better way to bond with on a date than being locked in a room together? Escape rooms are popping up all over Los Angeles, each offering a unique and imaginative challenge to escape. This experience is fun with a group or just the two of you. Either way, your teamwork skills and reaction under pressure will be on full display. It is a great way to have fun while getting to know more about each other.

Just remember, there are lots of things to do in Los Angeles! From being competitive to escaping, and getting Instagram worthy pictures, the opportunities for adventure are endless.