The Museum of Illusions has grown significantly over the years, adding new attractions and features in the heart of Hollywood, and around the country. As a result of our non-stop expansion, the Museum of Illusions will henceforth be known as the World of Illusions.

Continuing our goal of creating wonder, fun, and excitement for those around the world, the team at the World of Illusions is pleased to announce two new attractions, coming soon in December 2020. The visual artists behind our beloved illusions have developed the newest additions to our lineup of marvels and attractions, The Giant’s House, and SMASH IT! With these two new features, guests will be invited to experience illusions as they have never seen before inside the Giant’s House. participating in fully interactive exhibits at SMASH IT, as well as Creating these wonderful new attractions has been a labor of love for our team. We are excited to share it with the world as well as the Southern Californian community we hold so dear.

This December, the Giant’s house will warp a visitor’s perception and make them wonder if we shrunk them down to size. Our creative team has been able to develop remarkable illusions that for example will make viewers try to lift soda cans that weigh a ton. Guests can step into a Giant’s kitchen where they will feel the size of a mouse running in and out of the kitchen’s to scale cabinets. Hollywood is known for having many great dining options, but only at the Giant’s House will they find a donut the size of a monster truck wheel, a massive pizza where the average adult is the size of a slice, and a giant burger that is fit to be fed to King Kong. The only room the guests need to worry about is the bathroom, if you fall in the giant toilet you may be flushed out to sea…just kidding! The real world will fade away when visitors step into the fantastic world made for giants, only inside the Giant’s House. SMASH IT was developed as a fully interactive feature to give our guests an experience that puts the power in their hands, literally. Visitors are encouraged to SMASH to their heart’s content and break away as fast as they can move or throw. For anyone that wants to relieve some 2020 frustration, they won’t want to miss a trip to SMASH IT!

Like all of the attractions the World of Illusions offers, photo opportunities are endless and unlike any other for friends and family, young and old. Instagram ready, flash photography encouraged, and with more than enough room to socially distance inside, the Giant’s House and Smash It are going to provide the memories, magic, and fun that only the World of Illusions can offer.

Discounted pre-sale tickets and bundles are available now to celebrate our joyous news, we hope to see you all there.