Not only is it a new year, but also a new decade! That calls for more than just new year’s resolutions… why not create a new year bucket list?! A bucket list is made up of must do adventures to experience within a certain period of time. The Museum of Illusions is creating a 2020 bucket list for must-do experiences in Los Angeles.

Rooftop Cinema

Los Angeles is known for the entertainment industry and great weather. The Rooftop Cinema Club has combined gives locals and tourists the opportunity to catch a movie, while enjoying LA’s weather. This is especially pleasant during summer nights! The experience is hosted in Downtown LA or Hollywood. Each venue offers food and drinks, which includes a full bar and bottomless popcorn. Add this to your 2020 LA bucket list!

The Magic Castle

Have you heard of this exclusive magicians’ hide out? When it first opened in 1936, it was a Magician’s Academy. Now it is a bar, restaurant, and magic show experience. However, The Magic Castle is not open to everyone. This is an exclusive members only experience tucked away in the Hollywood Hills. With an invite from a member of this exclusive club, you too can get in. Though it is difficult, it is certainly not possible. Just dig through the internet, you might find a participating member willing to give you access!

The Last Bookstore

Located in Downtown LA is 22,000 sq. ft. of books and records! In fact, it is California’s largest new and used book and record store. They have novels from every genre, graphic novels, vinyles, magazines, and more – there is something for everyone! In addition, they took 250,000 books and created unique interior design to make it the experience even more memorable. It is the most Instagramed bookstore in LA!

Museum of Illusions

The Museum of Illusions is one of Los Angeles’s most popular interactive museums! We are home of 35+ 3D Illusions and 7 upside down rooms. We invite our guests to walk all over the art and take pictures. Photography is not only allowed, it is encouraged! You will capture the most mind-blowing instagrammable photos here.

The Abandoned Zoo

Did you know the LA Zoo was not located where it currently is now? In another area of Griffith Park is the smaller old zoo. Nothing but the animal cages remain. Some say there is an eerie feeling in that area… perhaps it is haunted? The Haunted Hayride uses this location as a part of it’s eerie Halloween season adventure. But during the rest of the year, the abandoned zoo is a popular hiking and exploration destination.