Smash it!

Blow off some steam and have a great time doing it at Smash it!

The world has been a stressful place this last year, we thought to ourselves “Let’s help people blow off some steam and have a great time doing it.” We present to you our coming attraction, the Smash It! We could all use a break once in a while and this room offers you just that, literally! What in the world has you feeling down? Write it down and smash it! We provide you with plates and other destructible objects to write on, decorate, and of course SMASH! Not a fan of 2020? At the Smash It room you can write “#2020” and throw it against the wall as hard as you can! Say goodbye to whatever troubles you, at Smash It we have more than enough items for you to smash and bash. Of course you don’t have to be stressed to enjoy the Smash It room, it’s also a whole lot of fun! Throw as hard as you like, you won’t be disappointed. For safety reasons the Smash It room is for young adults and adults only, so ages 12+ years only.


6753 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028


Do I need to print the tickets out or can I just pull them up on my phone?

You do not need to print the tickets. You call pull them up on your phone.

What are the museum's working hours?

We are open everyday 11:00am – 10:00pm. However, last entry is at 9:30 pm.

If I purchase a VIP ticket, would I have to pay for the photos that have been taken?

No. VIP tickets include a photographer that will accompany you during your visit and send all photos to you within 4 days.

How long can we stay at the Museum?

There is no time limit. However, visitors usually spend 45-60 minutes at the museum.

Is this place good for children?

Yes. It is a great place for children and adults alike.

Is there usually a wait?

Wait times varies. You can expect 10-15 minutes wait during weekdays or non-peak hours. During weekends and holidays, there might be up to 60 minutes wait.

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