The Museum of Illusions prides itself on being one of the most instagrammable museums in Los Angeles. Last Year, 2019, was one of the best years of photos for the Museum of Illusions. With over 80,000 visitors, millions of pictures were taken in the Museum of Illusions and Upside Down House. So, as you’d imagine, sorting through the archives to find the best photos of the year was no easy task. But we did it!

Creativity is key at the Museum of Illusions! Don’t be afraid to walk all over the art, get hands on and take pictures in imaginative poses.

Angles matter! The illusions are only as cool as you make it. So, getting the correct angles and putting effort in the poses makes all the difference in the pictures. The better the picture the more engagement on Instagram!

The Upside Down House is mind blowing! It is easy to get creative here and blow all your followers minds. To enhance the image, don’t be afraid to use filters! It only makes the illusions look nicer and adds an element of originality.

Did someone say food!? This is one of our most popular photo spots in the Upside Down House. This pose not only shows off flexibility, but also adds to the illusions. Go ahead, jump, bend, or flip! The Museum of Illusions is your canvas for creativity and self expression.

Did we mention ANGLES MATTER?! The elephant illusions is among the most popular and easiest to mess up. This is one of the many illusions that truly plays with perspective. It looks completely different from various angles! So follow the symbols on the floor to get a shot as good as this one.

This is just a few of the millions of incredible photos out there. We can’t wait to see the creative, fun, and mind blowing pictures to come in 2020!