From Hollywood and Venice Beach to its famous museums and galleries, the city of angels is never lacking in entertainment opportunities.

But if you’re looking for something a little different, why not check out some of the weirder ways there are to have fun in LA?

The Bradbury Building

Wondering what to do in LA as Sci-Fi fan? Check out the Bradbury building. Despite its name, this architectural wonder was not named after the famous Science Fiction writer, Ray Bradbury. Though Bradbury was a friend of the Sci-fi publisher son of the designer, the moniker is just a coincidence.

The design of the building was, however, inspired by a sci-fi novel. With its wrought-iron staircases and open-caged elevators, its visual appeal has attracted filmmakers and other creators—Most notably parts of Blade Runner were filmed here.

Phantasma Gloria

Looking for art beyond what can be found in the museums in LA? Check out this colorful private art installation. This sculpture can be found at the artist’s Echo Park home.

Randlett Lawrence created this piece of glass, beads and wire over an entire decade and plans to continue expanding it until it wraps around the entire house. The work stands as a tribute to the multi-cultural community the artist lives in.

Keep in mind that visits are by appointment only. Randy, as he’s known, shows the sculpture on weekends and at times of day when the light hits the glass just right.

The Echo Park Time Travel Mart

Wanting to do a little shopping? While you’re in Echo Park check out this market/tutoring center.

At this quirky spot, you can pick up time travel themed items such as Barbarian Repellent and Robot Emotions. You can also quench your thirst with a Time-Freezy Hyper Slush frozen drink.

Best of all this market is linked to a non-profit that inspires and tutors youth in creative writing and you can even purchase works from the students there.

Museum of Illusions

This is not your ordinary, stuffy museum. The Museum of Illusions is filled with 3D paintings and even an Upside Down House. This museum is an interactive and engaging experience that’s also a little weird.