In today’s world of smartphones, video games and instant gratification, the idea of taking your kids out on a museum trip may be daunting. Kids have notoriously short attention spans and, as they are likely to lack prior knowledge related to the exhibits, you may be worried that they will quickly get bored.

However, the reluctance of many parents, guardians, and educators to take kids to museums may be largely unwarranted. Indeed, most kids enjoy a day away from the screen, and the educational benefits of museum-going should be more than enough to persuade skeptical adults to take a trip to one of Los Angeles’ many museums. Here are just a few of the benefits:

1. Museums encourage critical thinking skills

Most museums in Los Angeles offer a feast for the senses and will encourage kids to compare and contrast the sights and sounds around them. An art museum, for example, will help develop their critical faculties in relation to artistic styles, techniques, and subjects. Adults can help in this process by engaging in conversations with kids about the exhibits.

2. Museums spark curiosity

Visiting a museum represents the perfect opportunity for children to ask questions about new subjects and to satisfy their innately curious minds. Indeed, finding answers to questions is a great way for kids to learn the value in asking questions.

3. Museums offer historical lessons not taught in schools

Whilst most schools try to offer a history curriculum that spans a range of eras and geographies, it would be impossible to teach lessons that covered the entire history of people and the world. If you have a future historian on your hands, it is well worth taking them out to museums to supplement the knowledge they get from elsewhere.

4. Museums encourage creativity

Most museums have exhibits designed specifically for kids, encouraging interactivity and creative activities for kids to get involved with. Art galleries, for example, represent the perfect opportunity for young people to try their hand at drawing. Check out the museum’s event listings prior to your visit so you can make the most of any learning experiences on offer.

The Museum of Illusions is one of the best museums in LA to inspire kids to interact with their surroundings and learn while having fun. Taking photos is a key part of the experience, which means you’ll have plenty of memories of the day which fosters a positive memory they’ll treasure forever.